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Raid Almasri

Dr. Riad Almasri

Dr. Almasri is a specialized Implant-Prosthodontic surgeon. He received his D.D.S. [Doctor of Dental Surgery] and graduated with honors in 2003-ranking 1st in the oral surgery honors class. Dr. Almasri practiced general dentistry for several years prior to entering Nova SE University College of Dental Medicine, Ft Lauderdale, FL where he received his specialty certificate in Prosthodontics; serving as a Chief Resident and teaching other residents dental implant surgery. He is currently an Adjunct Faculty member of the College of Dental Medicine’s Post-Grad Prosthodontic program. He has also established the Fast New Smile® as his brand name for the one-day dental implant procedure. Not only does he perform this All-On-4™ procedure, but he also gives lectures about the procedure to dentists locally and nation-wide. Dr. Almasri’s passion to give his best to patients inspired him to go to the Medical College of Georgia to get his Anesthesia training so he can offer IV sedation to his patients. Overall, Dr. Almasri is a pioneer in the world of dental implants.

Current Courses

  • Full Arch Surgery: Treatment, Planning and Restorative Concepts (Cadaver Course)

    Full Arch Surgery: Treatment, Planning and Restorative Concepts (Cadaver Course)

    This innovative course blends didactic full arch restoration with practice building techniques that will help you optimize your chair time. This 3 day, live surgery course will cover treatment planning, surgical and prosthetic phases of the full arch immediate load prostheses for edentulous patients. Preparing you to incorporating full arch restoration into your daily practice to service the needs of countless patients who need it and how to market this skill effectively.

    October 22-24, 2021, Long Beach, California
    • Dr. Sean Mohtashami
    • Dr. Riad Almasri
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Past Courses

These courses have already passed.

  • Zygomatic Implants from A to Z

    Zygomatic Implants from A to Z

    For the past few decades the severely resorbed edentulous maxilla has been a challenge especially when patients are seeking a fixed permeant solution for their dentition. Doctors when facing these cases and trying to plan implant-supported prosthetists have been compensating for the lack of bone volume with bone grafting and sinus augmentation procedures. Few of us clinicians out there do not offer the alternative solution. Zygomatic dental implants have been around for a long time and have shown great success rates; using the zygomatic bone to anchor the apex of the dental implant, the GM Zygoma implant system have a high primary stability enabling immediate loading with a fixed restoration avoiding the average nine-month wait and multiple surgeries required with grafting. The design of the GM zygomatic implant came around after an open table discussion with highly experienced clinicians with the zygomatic dental implants. This newly designed implant will dramatically shorten time-to-teeth and increase patient satisfaction restoring patients’ quality of life with the least amount of post op surgical and prosthetic complications.

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  • Morning Talks -  Immediate Load For Full Arch Cases and Single Implant Cases

    Morning Talks - Immediate Load For Full Arch Cases and Single Implant Cases

    Hear Dr. Riad Almasri discuss Immediate Load For Full Arch Cases and Single Implant Cases in this session of Neodent's Morning Talks.

    Virtual LearningAvailable on demand
    • Dr. Riad Almasri
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