The Business of Full Arch: How to 5, 10, 20+

  • Understand the business side of full arch treatment from A to Z
  • Incorporate the concept of “The Team, the team, the team,” and know the key members of your team.
  • Learn the best marketing and advertising practices, how to manage leads and obtain qualified patients.
  • Perform a proper consultation appointment with qualified leads.
  • Be forewarned of the general legal & liability of complex dental procedures.
  • Display the proper surgical and prosthetic setup with manual and digital armamentarium necessary to perform.
  • Prescribe the proper medications from antibiotics to auxiliary medications for maximal healing and minimal complication.
  • Create the best culture in an office with respect to the right team and treatment of dental insurance.
  • Sedation alternatives for AO4Know when to bring the laboratory inside, the “In-House vs. Out-House” approach.
  • Learn to scale your practice with Digital Dentistry.
  • The Business Course is open only to participants who reside and practice any form of dentistry outside of a 100 mile radius of Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • Attendees are asked to sign an affidavit that they do not reside, own property, work, practice dentistry or hold any business interests within 100 miles of The Institute

The Atlantic Implant Institute and Dr. Adam M. Hogan, the sole owner and practitioner of Full Implant Choice, are pleased to present this one-of-a-kind business course designed specifically for full-arch doctors and practices. This course has been written and will be taught by Dr. Hogan himself. “How to 5, 10, 20+” is designed by Dr. Hogan, who has lived a private-practice journey of 20 years while making business decisions and reaping rewards or suffering losses with every decision along the way. With just an interest in implant dentistry, he started as a general practitioner running a solo practice accepting several dental insurances. Currently he operates an implant-only practice focusing on full-arch, fixed dental implant treatment. Full Implant Choice does not participate in any insurance plans but also boasts in-house, full-service laboratories turning beautiful restorations promptly. Over the past 4 years, Dr. Hogan has more than tripled implant and arch production without adding a single doctor to the practice. Come find out the secrets that may unlock your practice transformation and break the glass ceiling of stagnant annual production and routine implant dentistry.

December 08-09, 2023 in
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

December 08-09, 2023Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Atlantic Implant Institute 4429 Shore Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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December 08-09, 2023
in Virginia Beach, Virginia


General Practitioners, Restorative Dentists, Dentists, Surgeons




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16.75 hours