Stackable Guided Surgery: Full-Arch Workflow


•Learn case selection, radiographic interpretation, anatomy, complications, case presentation, digital photography, and digital treatment planning with surgical guides for full arch.

• Understand the scientific rationale and justification for the morse taper implants, guided surgery, full arch procedure. • Comprehend the Evolution and step-by-step process of guided surgery/prosthetics as compared to traditional methods.

• Know business management, Insurance, dental coding, and how to model your practice for full arch success.

• Be trained to diagnose and treatment plan guided and immediately loaded implant dentistry and when alternative full arch prosthetics are the preferred delivery of prosthesis.

• Detail the steps of a full arch guided workflow on the day of surgery through delivery of a long-term provisional prosthesis.

• Observe live patient treatment of records appointments, surgery and delivery of prosthesis.

• Practice placement of dental implants and use of stackable guides through hands-on simulation with models.


The course offers a combination of in-depth didactic lectures, hands-on workshops, open discussions, and live patient demonstrations. Doctors, lab technicians, and team members will experience first-hand how to implement full arch procedures and stackable guides into their practice. The topics and techniques covered throughout the course includes treatment planning, case selection criteria, 3D imaging interpretation, guided surgical protocols, surgical tips, prosthetic treatment, implant placement, and full-arch/teeth-in-a- day conversion protocols on stackable guides. We will also cover practice management topics of insurance coding, checklists, forms, and consultations tips and how to model your practice. Hands-on workshops will include placement of dental implants as well as use of stackable guides on models. Guided, full arch surgery and pre-surgical planning is an essential part of any successful procedure. These skills are essential to the novice full arch surgeon and prosthodontist and anyone wishing to advance their skills to treat the most complicated arches.

November 17-18, 2023 in
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

November 17-18, 2023Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Atlantic Implant Institute 4429 Shore Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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November 17-18, 2023
in Virginia Beach, Virginia
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OMS, General Practitioners, Periodontists, Dental Technicians




$7,500.00 collected by Atlantic Implant Institute


17.5 hours